Happy international Recruiters day | 12 recruiter memes by Magnus team

If you’re interested to learn about a Recruiter’s job, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s start with the formal definition first:

Recruitment is a process of accumulation of Human Resources by searching for and stimulating prospective employees to apply for the vacant positions in the organization.

Does this sound a bit complicated? Don’t worry — we’ve thought of a better way of explaining not only the concept but also all the ups & downs of emotions Magnus team of recruiters experience together with every single one of our candidates and clients.

We’ve turned into memes some of the comical and awkward situations we find ourselves in. So — grab your popcorn, sit back and enjoy :)

Recruitment is tough and mistakes won’t be easy to forget even after long years of experience & growth :P

Sometimes candidates can break 💔 ….

…or make our days 😊


Recruiting isn’t a job for everyone; you need to know the ins and outs of the client company you’re hiring for, juggle hiring multiple roles & constantly keep brilliant relationships with hiring managers, CEO.s, HR.s….

… and no matter how hard it is 😭

Indeed, we are dedicated… 🤘


& we DO reach our targets 🦄 …

anytime & always… 🚀

even if not, our CEO always finds a way out 😈

Despite all of the demanding and challenging nature of our job, we truly enjoy what we do and are thankful to all our partners for the collaborations that lead to mutual success.

Once again,

Happy Recruiter’s day!

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Your Magnus Team 💛

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