Top 5 ATS systems

  • automated outreach of passive candidates
  • advanced internal job platform and referrals
  • interview self-scheduling functions
  • automated offer letters
  • interview scorecards and kits
  • access to candidate profiles from a single point
  • posting on several job boards a single click
  • effective calendar synchronization
  • Pay as you go ($50 per job, per month),
  • Starter
  • Pro
  • a complete suite of onboarding and pre-boarding tools
  • integration with social media and job-boards
  • customizable email templates
  • automated message scheduling to candidates
  • mobile app that enables easy access
  • Essentials — per-employee per month ($6.19)
  • Advantage — per-employee per month ($8.25)
  • in-system access to the LinkedIn records
  • records are updated real-time
  • notes can be added to the records
  • tracking of all types of interaction with any given candidate
  • management and reporting options for measuring progress
  • Team (packages start at $99 per month)
  • Corporate
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise Plus
  • customized career webpage for companies
  • extensive criteria for candidate searching
  • automated posting on job boards
  • premium job boards
  • quick sourcing through source boosters
  • Standard ($22.5 per user per month)
  • Professional ($45 per user per month)
  • Enterprise ($67.5 per user per month)
  • sourcing of social media platforms
  • employment branding and career sites
  • employee referrals via social media tools
  • data access anytime, anywhere
  • high customizability
  • Emerging EDU ($29 per month)
  • Developing EDU ($54 per month)
  • Developed EDU ($83 per month)

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