7 ways to improve your Candidate Experience

  1. Be their Career Agent
  • What types of questions to expect?
  • Whom are they going to meet?
  • What to pay specific attention to?
  • Any hints that might be useful.
  • Interviews are structured: we have clearly defined evaluation criteria for each role.
  • Free-to-attend mini-trainings for client-companies’ hiring managers are available, during which we discuss candidate types, interviewing tips and approaches.
  • Check available days/hours in your calendar
  • Call and invite the candidate to the interview
  • Open and send a calendar invite
  • Develop interview structure
  • Make a reminder to the hiring manager and other interviewers a day before
  • etc…



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One of the Magnus’ (HR and Recruiting agency) initiatives with an ambitious mission of making international HR practices reachable in Armenia.