3 ways to rethink your Employer Branding

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3 min readApr 7, 2020


How do you usually define a successful business? Well, to us, it’s the one that constantly generates revenue and is able to onboard the right people quickly. To succeed in this last one, you’ll want to keep your people engaged and thus help your recruitment efforts.

How to achieve this? Yes, through a solid Employer Branding Program.

1. Though directly responsible, HR is not the only person engaged in the EB program
Think about people inside the company that can form the Employer Branding team. They don’t necessarily need to have experience in Marketing, Branding and/or PR. Rather, it is more essential that they have soft skills like sympathy, care, storytelling skills and most importantly, persistence. Every company has people like this. We interact with them daily, they know the benefits and the drawbacks of the company. Engaging these people in Employer Branding will help make your efforts diversified and more efficient as compared to leaving the whole work to the HR team.

Generally, listening to other teams in your company will be helpful for your EB program to say the least. Here’s how you can do that. Arrange some 15-minute monthly meetings with each department where the EB team asks questions like:

  • What type of challenges does your department have?
  • What makes your work effective?
  • What is lacking in our company?
  • What brings you here every day?

Ask these questions and help the different teams in your company to generate ideas and solutions to the problems you might have.
This way, your employees themselves can feel the responsibility to focus on solving the problems. At the same, they will provide you with hints on what should be communicated more, what needs to be improved, what are the pain points. This will be good food for thought for the HR team and the top management too.

2. Engage the team by giving them space to get creative
Let the employees talk about your company in their own language, acting as “natural storytellers.”
For instance, we suggested launching an “employee opinion” series to one of Magnus clients within a mutually built EB program.They periodically posted quotes or videos on social media where employees spoke about their corporate policies, culture and more.
Aim to make the company look open and transparent. Let your people know that their opinions should be open, honest, and authentic. This way you will keep the right balance between bragging and complaining about problems. You don’t want to sound overpromotional, right?

3. Ave Social Media
Of course, the role of social media cannot be overestimated — it is a key aspect of Employer Branding. As a company, we strive to be more “humane” towards our audience: for example, we help our clients present the company’s daily life on Instagram thus ensuring a more natural and open communication.
The trick here is to ask yourself questions like “If our company was a person — what interests would it have, what type of accounts would it follow & interact with, etc.” Because generally humans like to interact with humans, not robots :)

True, a brand cannot be built overnight. Starting a Branding Program might be tough, so here at Magnus, we will make it a very fascinating and rewarding process for you. Reach out to us to help you build your stand-out Employer Branding program. Having the hundred-percent-working & traditional techniques in mind, we are not afraid to experiment and innovate.

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